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I’ve been trying to plan a surprise party for my boyfriend, Andrew, since we first started dating but since he’s the king of ruining surprises I’ve officially given up. I’ve decided that this is actually a good thing because I won’t have to hide my decorating/cooking ideas from him anymore. Today I read a few articles from Martha Stewart’s website and now I really can’t stop thinking about this party! Everything is DIY of course, what else would you expect from Martha?? Me and my brother have always joked about my Mom’s “crazed” party planning. But truth be told everything is always amazing and I’ve always hoped that I could plan parties like she does. This will be my first test of a real party in our new apartment and I couldn’t be more excited. Martha Stewart’s website gives you so many ideas and then free tools to help you with every detail you could imagine. From homemade garland to favors, invitations, themes, and of course desserts. Here are a few of my favorites so far.