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Anyone who knows me has heard me talk about how London is my favorite place. I can honestly say I don’t think any other place in the world will top it for me. Since I first got word of Andrew’s cousins upcoming wedding in the south of England I’ve been on top of the world trying to think of all the amazing things we can revisit in London. While planning with Andrew’s parents, brother, and sister in law we decided that we would spend three days in London and then head to Paris for four days before the wedding weekend. Today I was putting pictures in frames and stumbled upon some old pictures of Andrew and I up in the Eiffel Tower… I’m in love with Paris. It’s the first runner up of my favorite places, for sure! Not only is the view from the Eiffel Tower one of the most gorgeous things… but all of the pictures you see of people laying down on the lawns in front of the Tower laughing and eating a fabulous lunch, TRUE… all the images of people sitting at outdoor cafes drinking wine and eating baguettes, TRUE… all of the pictures of gorgeous women way overdressed for a simple stroll in the park, TRUE! This place was destined to strike a particular chord in me, who doesn’t like eating crepes across the street from the biggest Louis Vuitton store you could ever imagine?