I’ll be the first to admit that my wardrobe is in serious need of some color. Blacks, grays, and whites are SPILLING out of my closet while one or two colorful pieces have made their way to the far corner, practically hidden from view. I’ve always been a huge fan of bright nail polish to offset dark clothes but recently I’ve been giving myself more and more manicures that depend on my mood. On rainy days I tend to go with a pewter color, during the winter plums and dark purples, during the fall dark greens, but during the spring and summer I become almost obsessed with OPIs latest colors. The newest collection for spring is called Texas. Not only is the ad campaign amazing, but the colors are fresh and new (plus, I want to meet the person who comes up with the names). Today, I painted my nails with “Too Hot Pink To Hold ‘Em”, love it!