ROYAL WEDDING COVERAGE IS STARTING APRIL 24TH! I don’t think that the average person has my desire to know every single detail about the upcoming royal wedding, but I’m hoping some of you do. I remember when Princess Diana passed and the news showed video footage of her and Charles’ wedding in 1981… I could have died right there. Granted, if Kate showed up in a dress with sleeves like Princess Diana’s I’m sure we would all turn away in horror… but I have a STRONG feeling she won’t. I looked online this morning and found this awesome official website for royal wedding updates. It’s rumored that Kate’s dress will be designed by Sarah Burton (Alexander McQueen’s right hand woman and now head designer) or Bruce Oldfield. I am a die hard McQueen fan so I couldn’t be more excited to hear that Sarah is an option, but I truly hope that Bruce Oldfield is the designer because his lace work is unprecedented! Then again, there is also a rumor that she will have three dresses, so maybe they will both design something (yessss, more for us to look at)! I think the girl will look good in just about anything to be quite honest… she’s gorgeous! But, in the wedding spirit, here are my top Bruce Oldfield dress options for her.