I had an e-mail from my cubemate Sara this morning with the subject line “Bananas” and I knew I had to open it immediately. Thank God I did because it was a link to one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. A lot of brands and celebrities are coming together to raise money for Japan. Kate Spade made an adorable tote bag (all proceeds went to the Red Cross) and there have been a ton of tees and giveaways, but nothing can really compare to what this website is doing. Charitybuzz.com has an auction called “Fashion and Friends For Japan” where they are auctioning off some of the coolest things EVER. Do you want to have lunch and a style consultation with Rachel Zoe, or have dinner with Tim Gunn, or design your own Proenza shoulder PS1 bag, or maybe have Alexander Wang pick out your entire wardrobe at the flagship store, or go to Elton John’s AIDS foundation Acadamy Award’s viewing party?? All of these things would cost you upwards of $5,000 but I’m pretty sure you could never get another experience like what they are auctioning… and it’s all going to a great cause! That said I won’t be bidding on anything, but I will be living vicariously through all of the people that are. The Kate Spade tote is a little more my speed at $18, so go pick one up at the 5th Avenue store in NY!