I’m not sure if anyone could ever understand my excitement for the upcoming royal wedding. I’ve posted about it before but I have been meticulously planning out my “treadmill and royal wedding at 5am day” on Friday. I think part of the excitement is that I’m obsessed with London, it’s my favorite place in the world and always will be. Another part of my excitement is that I will be going to a wedding in England about a month after the royal wedding. Trying to figure out what to wear to an English wedding as an American is obviously tough because I’m going to have to force every fiber of my being to not wear a hat. But my obsessive personality isn’t allowing me to stop looking at websites of any and every millinery who sell hats worth more then I’m worth. Here comes the good part, today I discovered the holy grail; Harrods has an entire section of their website dedicated to hats! I could die. Nigel Rayment is my favorite person in the entire world as of today.