Although completely unrelated to what I typically write about here, this will be the most important topic I ever touch on. While reading an article about the W100 (an amazing 100 kilometer, 3 day mountain bike event in Texas) I realized that the men and women who participated were wounded soldiers. The terrain at this park is NOT easy terrain either, this was no beginner trail. These men and women have been through more then most of us could possibly imagine and they are out there raising awareness and kicking butt everyday! Most of the men and women have lost limbs and are getting on mountain bikes and riding for 3 days. It’s honestly one of the most amazing and heart wrenching things I have ever seen.

My next statement is not a political one but it stems from the pure joy I felt from looking at these images. George W. Bush, you are AWESOME. Former President Bush rode the entire race alongside these wounded warriors (although he wasn’t exactly in the proper attire) and from the looks of it befriended them all as well. It’s so important to bring to light the struggles of wounded veterans and good ol’ G.W. did that in a very admirable way. Here are some images that George Bush has on his Facebook page of the event (the pictures were taken by Paul Morse who is fantastic, what great shots!). Every one of the men and women who finished (or even STARTED) this journey, you are all my heroes. Thank you so much for everything you have done and will continue to do.