Well, the Royal Weddings is over and now the wedding fever is turning into just a fever… I feel like I was hit by a truck! Any-who, if you haven’t seen the wedding by now you must be nutty but I’m going to recap everything for you anyway, considering I need something to cling on to! I thought the entire thing was absolutely gorgeous but when I came into work this morning people were saying they were disappointed!!! If you’re one of those people, don’t read this blog because I am about to GUSH over every detail.

1. There was a country holding its breath.

2.There were fabulous guests…

3. and not so fabulous guests.

4. There were some good hats…

5. and some not so good hats.

6. There was a glimpse of a dress.

7. There was a Queen in canary yellow…

8. and a beaming mom in blue.

9. There was a nervous Prince and a supportive brother…

10. and proud Pippa sharing a moment with her sister.

11. There was a walk down the aisle.

12. There was a moment that Kate will never forget…

13. and a moment we will never forget.

14. There was a horse drawn carriage.

15. But best of all there was a kiss.