My trip to London is a VERY short 15 days away and I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start by saying that Andrew and I don’t even own luggage, so that could be a problem. Second issue is that I have no idea what to wear at any point during the trip. Thankfully over the weekend I went shopping and found a dress for the wedding plus a few extras! Then I promptly went home and started the hat search which may or may not have paid off. I’m waiting patiently on a hat box to arrive at my apartment so I can either pass out with excitement or begin to panic again. Thankfully, over the weekend Joe’s Jeans, BCBG, and Juicy Couture saved the day providing me with a lot of really cute things to wear. What are my must haves for your European adventure?

1. Easy, flowing summer dresses that aren’t fussy or heavy:


2. A cross-body bag big enough for all of your belongings:

3. Coral colored lipstick that quickly transitions from day to night:


4. Sunglasses with personality:

5. A Polaroid camera (okay, this one is frivolous but I can’t help but love the idea):

Products courtesy of BCBGeneration, Kate Spade, and Marc by Marc Jacobs