Happy Monday! One of the most important parts of a wedding, especially when you’re recently engaged, is to decide on a theme. The theme has to be decided before you can pick out invitations, try on dresses, or make a decision on anything involving the ceremony or reception. Base your decision on who you are as a couple. Coming up with a theme will make planning much easier, I swear! But, if you’ve ever watched a wedding show you have seen that themes can get a bit out of hand. Here are just a few examples of taking a theme to new heights.

Do you and your fiance really like horseback riding? Instead of putting stuffed horses on the tables at the ceremony or asking all of your guests to wear overalls, think about getting married in a barn or on a farm where you can incorporate hay bales in a chic, not tacky, way.

Don’t take a picture with any type of tractor or dressed up animal. I promise you’ll regret it one day. It’s a “vintage farm wedding” now… not a “John Deere wedding”.

Do think outside the box. Incorporate your theme in ways that people may not expect. There is always a place for hay bales and sunflowers if that’s what your theme calls for!

Do you love the color pink more then anything in the world? Think about incorporating pink in a way that will show your personality as well as your fiance’s without overwhelming your groom, or your guests.

Don’t go overboard. It may be your dream to literally paint the room pink, but remember that your wedding represents you and your fiance as a couple and not just your favorite color.

Do remember what you want. Your wedding certainly shouldn’t be football themed, but there are ways to make pink appear in a subtle way that is sure to please you, your groom, and your guests.

Do you want a Gothic themed wedding? Instead of dressing up, which many people could consider “odd”, incorporate the Gothic culture into your wedding in a way that you can be proud of.

Don’t wear a costume. No matter what your taste is, a wedding is a serious event and should be taken seriously. You will remember this day for the rest of your life.

Do make sure you look like you. You don’t want to pretend to be something you aren’t, but you want to make sure that your wedding is a beautiful event, not a theatrical production.