My Wednesday post was missing when I logged in today! This is very upsetting because it’s not like I can just come here and regurgitate what I said before, I am totally blanking because my mind is two days ahead! Yesterday blogger was down all day, so today I owe you Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of wedding week… this may take me DAYS to get up to speed again. I do know that I will have the same pictures, so at least you’ll be able to see my favorite save the dates if you didn’t read my original post on Wednesday. Please excuse me as I attempt to make my Wednesday points on a Friday!

Don’t be traditional just for tradition’s sake. This would be the time to step outside of the box a little and differentiate your wedding from all the other weddings your guests will be getting invited to.
Do stay true to who you are as a couple, and keep your theme in mind. If you’ve already decided on a color scheme you can use a layout that is modern while still incorporating the colors of the wedding. This will make sure that your guests don’t get conflicting ideas about the plans.
Don’t just think that you’re limited to paper save the dates. There are so many different options out there from magnets to pins to little souveneirs but one of my favorites is to make a wedding video. You would also be environmentally friendly considering you could just upload it to your wedding website rather then mailing it!
Do utilize your favorite engagement picture! You took them for a reason so you might as well decide which one you want to showcase to your guests. Shrink the image down and add text so you can make the save the date one sided (saves money and it’s easier for your guests to stick to their fridge).
Don’t take this opportunity to make the collage you’ve always wanted. Save the dates look much cleaner and more serious when there is just one image to focus on.