There are many brides out there who will forgo a bridal shower because of the “hassle” put onto their maid of honor or mother, or future mother in law but I guarantee you that it’s a fabulous idea… even if it’s in your friend’s apartment. Not only will it give you the perfect time to talk about your plans with people who are actually paying attention (unlike the fiance most of the time), it will give you the option of actually enjoying a party thrown for you instead of thrown by you. You can take on the guest role instead of the host role, and that’s much needed during stressful wedding planning times. If everyone chips in and plans little by little, it can be a stress-free and gorgeous event. Here are some of my all time favorite bridal shower decor ideas:

A Tea Party, a grown up one of course… with centerpeices like these:

A Pink Party, so the bride can have her favorite color showcased… just not at the wedding:

A Travel Shower, using maps as table runners… for the bride having a destinaton wedding: