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I’m sure that there are a lot of you in the same boat as I am today… okay, bad choice of words. There are probably a lot of you NOT out on any type of boat when you wish you could be! A day like today would make a anyone long for the beach. I woke up this morning with the most extreme desire to hop in my car, strap a surfboard to the roof and just paddle out into the middle of the ocean. If I did actually decide to do that I surely wouldn’t ever get back onto the shore but in this weather I wouldn’t mind! Aside from the obvious purchase of a Juicy Couture surfboard you would surely need one of these adorable one peices for your surf session, I am OBSESSED with this first style. Yes, it looks like it has bones drawn on it but nope, they are ruffles. I’m not sure if that was intentional but that’s why I’m in loveeeee!

1. Zimmermann laced strapless swimsuit 2. LANVIN swimming costume 3. Seafolly 50’s Maillot 4. Zimmermann ruffled strapless swimsuit