Last week the temperature was in the high 90s, and now we are thrown back into the mid 70s which means we can resume normal summer activities, yay! For me, I long for summer days just wandering around a flea market, shopping, eating lunch outdoors, or taking a stroll on the beach. I always find that getting ready is a crunch on those weekend days, so I’ve cut my timing down by narrowing down my options. Weekend mornings take me less time to get ready because I use less items, 8 to be precise. Why 8 you may ask? I’ve found that it’s the optimum amount for me to not get too crazy with my “getting ready” process. Also, I’ve found it makes Andrew happier that we can get out of the house without me having to do my hair and try on 2o different things.

1. Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer. SPF 15 for sun protection plus it still has the coverage of a light foundation.
2. Mac lipstick in Creme D’Nude. Ideal color for a very subtle but still trendy look.
3. Mac Plush Lash mascara. Greatest. Mascara. Ever. It will transform the look of your face and during the day you won’t need eyeliner… I promise!
4. A lightweight tee in a stripe or pattern (My favorite is BCBG). You never know what the weather will bring, and you can’t go wrong with a simple over sized tee.
5. Chino pants (these are from TopShop). I’ve just recently gotten my first pair but they seem to flatter every body shape and make you look just a little more put together then jeans do. Love them!
6. An over sized watch. I’m obsessed with my Michael Kors watch, whenever I put it on it always looks like I’ve intentionally accessorized and not that I’ve just thrown on what was sitting on my nightstand, perfect!
7. A stylish but functional bag. Big enough to have a bottle of water, camera, and other essentials in without being overwhelmed. This is a Proenza shoulder bag… I do NOT own one but a girl can dream.
8. Lastly an adorable sandal with a covered heel (I tend to find the support a little better on a sandal with a covered heel and ankle strap… just in case you end up walking a lot!)