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I was watching a really silly show last night, which I will not mention the name of, and the planner shut down an amazing idea the bride had for a cake. Instead of using birds on the cake like the bride suggested, she decided to put the wedding singer in a bird-cage… wearing wings. Obviously I said aloud “is this for real?” It was so unfortunate and got me thinking about how many brides let a pushy planner run wild with their day. Needless to say, I’m a huge advocate of planning your own wedding and then hiring a “day of” planner just to make sure everything is perfect logistically. Stay strong ladies, it’s your day. Recognize the difference between helping and taking over! I would put birds on a cake in a second, like this:

Any who, the cake debacle on the “show that must not be named” got me thinking about wedding cakes. If you’re going that route, make sure that there’s a little something for everyone. If you chose a three-tier cake, make the biggest tier your favorite flavor. If the biggest tier is going to be something plain like vanilla with strawberry filling, take a little bit of a risk with the smaller layers… you will surely have some chocolate lovers there on the day of! Here are some of my favorite cake designs, no matter what’s inside these are sure to make a statement on your wedding day.