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I will be going to Paris in May for the third time… I may be the luckiest girl in the world! My Mom and I will be traveling to Ireland with two of my cousins to explore our Irish roots a bit, but she has been sneaking hints that she wants to head over to Paris while we are there. Obviously it didn’t take much convincing for me to be in on that plan. My Mom has never been to Paris and it’s always been her dream to go. I couldn’t be more excited to be the person who gets to go with her! I’m already planning all of the things we will get to do while we are there. What’s really important to me aside from making sure to get to Versailles and a picnic on the lawn of the Louvre? I need to make sure that my fashion is on par with Parisian women.

The first time I traveled to Paris I was backpacking through Europe after a few months of study abroad in London. Everything that could fit into my crazy huge backpack was majorly wrinkled (thank goodness for Downy wrinkle release) and comfort was of the essence. Sundresses and scarves were my go-to for sure.

The second time I was headed to a wedding in London post Paris trip and was way more concerned with getting my dress to London safely rather then looking super chic in Paris. My garment bag with my dress, shoes and fascinator for the wedding took up half of my suitcase. Silk button downs were obviously huge for me this trip.

Stay tuned because later on today I’ll be going through what I plan to take with me to Paris in May. With four months to plan, I’m going to make sure I look like I belong… at least until I open my mouth!