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Did everyone watch the E! Red Carpet for the SAG Awards last night? Everyone really stepped it up, but some just seemed to miss the mark. Here are my best and worst dressed from the night. So what do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

Best Dressed

Angelina Jolie.Rose Byrne.Octavia Spencer.Sophia Vergara

Worst Dressed

Shailene Woodley.Lea Michele.Emilia Clarke.Kristin Wiig

I must say that I think Michelle Williams looked absolutely stunning in Valentino but I have such a soft spot for Tadashi Shoji and it was just perfect for Octavia. I also want to make sure I note that Lea Michele is a worst dressed for me because I didn’t care for her shoe and I absolutely hated the slit. I think she is trying too hard, to be honest. Okay, that one may have been a little personal. On the other hand, I love Kristin Wiig. I think she’s absolutely histerical. That Balenciaga gown is so, so, so gorgeous but the styling just ruined it for me. I mean, did you see how pretty the draping was from the side? Just say no to chokers!

{All Images Via Marie Claire}