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So did you watch last night? I was so excited I actually printed out ballots and made desserts that looked like little Oscar envelopes. Yes, I am insane. I think I’m the only one who is excited that The Artist won best picture. Excuse me but Jean Dujardin is amazing (aka kinda cute) and Uggie, c’mon how could you not give it to them? Oh, and the cinematography and all that jazz was good to, or something.

Anyway, here are my best dressed picks from last night. Three for being a little daring (Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Chastain, & Rooney Mara) and two for just looking super classy (Tina Fey & Mila Jovovich). I can’t get over this cape on Gwyneth, she looks amazing and Jessica Chastain’s bespoke Alexander McQueen is just off the charts!

Apparently I like black, navy, and white… who would have thought? Anyway I wanted to mention that I’m leaving Angelina out because her leg was bothering me but MAN OH MAN she looked good. I swear the woman isn’t human, it’s kind of gross. I love Michelle Williams I just wasn’t too thrilled with all of the fabric on her dress, I think the peplum would have been enough!

{All Images Via In Style}