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Every once and a while I wake up in a complete funk and missing London, hard. After studying abroad in London in 2009 I became completely obsessed. I was so excited to be able to visit last May for a wedding. I cried pretty hysterically as we were leaving everyone at the wedding, and then secretly in the bathroom at Heathrow the next morning. It’s quickly approaching a year since I’ve been so of course it’s time for me to get the travel bug again. To be quite honest if every vacation I went on in my life was to London, I would be fine with it. I can’t pin point to you what exactly it is about London, or England in general, that I love so much. Is it the architecture? The “work hard, play harder” attitude? The amazing countryside? The fashion? My strange love for umbrellas? Men with accents? I don’t know if I will ever know, but I’ll need plenty more trips there to find out.