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You’ll have to forgive me, it’s my first week at a new job and I spent my entire weekend getting prepared (mentally and physically) for all of the new things happening around here. This week I’ll be MIA, but I can promise that over the weekend I will fully prepare myself and have plenty of posts lined up for the week!

Yesterday, I spent a few hours laying out my outfits for this week. This included accessories and shoes so obviously it took me a while. I’ve decided that going into this I’m going to be as organized as humanly possible. Lunches will be made in advance, tote bag filled with necessities the night before, and all outfits chosen. I’m excited about the prospect of having a clear head when I wake up. I know what I’ll be wearing I just have to throw it on and get into work mode. Yipee!

I hope you all had a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day. I’m half Irish so I love this holiday, it means family comes over and we eat corned beef (I know, totally unnecessary). Then I headed out to an authentic Irish bar complete with men drinking Guinness and eating beef stew while wearing green plastic hats… fantastic! I wore a green silk button down from J. Crew, but now that I think about it, I would have loved to be wearing this…