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I’ve always loved menswear inspired pieces (ie: “boyfriend blazers”, “boyfriend jeans”, and “boyfriend cardigans”) but it isn’t very often that I fall in love with an actual men’s style. Thank you, Coach, for making it impossible for me to stop obsessing over a men’s weekend bag. Here he is…


If you don’t know the origins of Coach, it actually started as a men’s luxury accessory line in the 40s. Think super swanky executive gifts that would fit perfectly on the set of Mad Men (shave kits, slippers…). The founder of Coach was a huge fan of baseball and manufactured his products using leather that would patina just like a baseball glove. Which means it just gets better with age. This weekend bag is exactly what I need for my new commute. A computer, a pair of flats, my lunch, a binder, and a sweater would fit inside perfectly so it’s a work necessity, wouldn’t you say?