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Things were crazy my first five days in a new office with a new role! My desk is all set up now thanks to some seriously pretty office supplies from The Container Store. I love that I don’t have the same supplies as everyone else, bringing your own can really make a cube feel like home (sort of).

I’ve picked up the style of the other people in my office and unfortunately it’s a mixed bag. Seems like half of the girls wear “trendy” clothes, lots of colored jeans and Zara… then the other half wears very “office appropriate” clothes, lots of pencil skirts and heels. I’m going with trendy or else I’d be bored in a week. Like I said last Sunday, I’ve decided to lay everything out for the week to come so yesterday I worked on that for this week. The weather being in the 50s and 60s mean a lot more options to layer. I’m taking inspiration from these lovely ladies this week.