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We are 1 today! I can’t believe it! Here is a quick year in review:

April 2011- The Royal Wedding

The best day of my life. I actually took off of work for this and woke up at 4:30am. I was sitting on the couch later in the afternoon watching replay after replay when Andrew called me. I answered the phone “royal wedding headquarters” and I’ve never heard Andrew laugh that hard. It’s a big deal when Andrew thinks I’m funny!

June 2011- currently Coveting

This is when I decided that just posting random things about my life was kind of stupid, and that I wanted to use the blog to focus more on fashion. Although the photos are still terrible, I started using Pinterest to find photos of the style I really wanted to portray. I was also really coming into my own personal style then as a twenty something girl working in the city. This really helped me to do that.

September 2011- All That Glitters

I finally figured out how to link photos together, and decided that I would express my love for sparkle. This post actually got me a decent amount of traffic, I was so surprised that people other than my friends and family were reading Glitter & Gold!

October 2011- Inspired

My first ever inspiration board. Now, I use these a lot more for personal use instead of on the blog but I love that I could find all of the inspiration in a certain color story and put it all together, I’ve done a lot of these over the past year.

December 2011- Weekly Faves

I started doing weekly faves since December and haven’t stopped since. Every Friday, I take my favorite images that I found over the past week and put them all together. Sometimes they are themed but most of the time they are just a collection of beautiful photographs by amazing photographers.

February 2012- I Need An Office

This was my biggest traffic day ever. I was so excited and showing everyone in my family how crazy it was that this many people were looking at my blog. February was by far my highest traffic month, and now March is closing in. I’m so happy that people enjoy what I’m posting, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!