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For those of you that aren’t familiar with the fashion industry, market week (or weeks in most cases) is when your accounts come to NYC to view the new collection and buy into it. The week before market is typically a scramble trying to get things ready. The showroom looks perfect, you know your product, and you’re exhausted. Then comes the actual week(s). For me, market prep was this week and market starts next week. Every single one of my accounts are coming in so from the 14th to the 25th I’m dedicating my life to them basically. Appointments all day, dinners at night, very little sleep and do it over again. What I’m really excited about though is meeting my accounts. I work with very interesting cultures, and I haven’t been able to experience it in person yet. So wish my luck, and hope I find some time to blog! Here is some of my inspiration for market week attire that has to very easily transition from a day in the office to night at a SoHo restaurant.