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I can’t believe that I’m not in England celebrating the Diamond Jubilee. It probably seems weird to you that I would say that since you all know me as a New Jersey dweller and New York worker, but half of my heart is always in England. I’ve never felt such an attachment to a place before I went there to study abroad. After living there for a bit (and I lived outside of London in a teeny tiny little dorm room) I was totally obsessed. I love the pace in the city, I love the people and their thoughts on a life/work balance, I love the architecture and the pubs and the wildflowers surrounding castles in the countryside. The Jubilee is such an important time and the patriotism is off the charts. There are Union Jacks everywhere and street fairs all throughout England. This all comes at the perfect time too, since the Olympics will be there before we know it. What I wouldn’t give to be there to see it and celebrate along with everyone.