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I’m going to start off this post by admitting something. Sometimes, I’m a little overwhelmed. Okay… sometimes I’m a lot overwhelmed. When I’m feeling like I can’t possibly do one more thing without having some type of breakdown, I always stop to make a list. Russell & Hazel “to do” sticky notes have made my life a whole lot easier in that regard. But, I always feel like something is missing. I can’t consistantly have my work Outlook calendar in front of me (which is impeccably organized I might add) so I need to find a way to make that come to life. I need a planner and I need to organize that planner, stat. I stumbled across this first photo on Pinterest and knew what I had to do… gold mini binder and mini smartdate month tabs, please! Oh, and washi tape for extended projects and market weeks.

I breathed a sigh of relief as soon as the order went through. In a few short days I’ll be on my way to some serious organization. The planner will also look really cute on my desk (I’ve yet to pick this out, I’ll revert back later) in the new apartment. Maybe it will look like one of these for about two seconds… a girl can only hope!