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Did you take dance lessons when you were little? I did for about 12 years and although I preferred jazz and tap as I got older, I loved listening to French tapes teaching me to pirouette. What really struck me today when I saw this first image is that when I was little I used to wear that tutu everywhere I possibly could. I loved how it looked when I twirled and I loved how I couldn’t put my hands down because it would get in the way. It’s no wonder why I ended up the way I am today… fashion is always greater than comfort, right?! So how do you channel that inner ballerina now? At five or six years old it was perfectly acceptable for me to run around the grocery store in my pretty pink tutu, but how does the 24 year old me pull that off? Leave it to Catherine Sheppard of The Life Styled to show us all. It may be feathers v. the traditional tulle but it totally serves my fashion purposes. If I were her I’d be wearing that baby everywhere!