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After seeing my initial inspiration post, and another one, and then my inspiration boards you guys all already know what the plan was for our new apartment. Maybe it’s because I prepared you guys for a month and a half but I feel obligated to share photos (or maybe I just really want to). Typically I’m a perfectionist that wouldn’t allow photos until I actually felt like something was 100% finished. But, I love this living room! It’s far from finished and even farther from perfect, but it came together nicely and it was nice to relax here last night after the initial moving day stress was over. Granted, the other rooms are even less finished. Our bed is on the floor, we are using boxes as night stands, and nothing is where it should be. BUT we have each other, and a super cute couch that I can’t get over. Things will slowly start coming together and it’s going to be a really exciting time for us. I’m sure to be posting more photos on instagram soon, so you should follow me @glitterandgoldblog.