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Eventually I’ll start doing outfit posts but right now I’m way too busy to even think about when I would make time to force Andrew to take endless photos of me. Plus I should probaby start saving up for the large bribe I will have to give him! So for now, you’ll get one shirt three ways via collages. Here are the three ways I’m wearing my chambray shirt.

Chambray shirts will always be my favorite. I have a Lucky Brand one from back in the day that I remain completely loyal to, but I’m loving this option from J. Crew. The greatest thing about this shirt is that you can really pair it with anything, and wear it in any season. Whether it’s with black jeggings and a military esq parka in the fall, under a thick wool sweater in the winter, tied at the waste with a maxi for spring, or paired with brightly colored or patterned shorts for summer… it works.

Look One: Whoever says the “Texas Tuxedo” is nonsensical and ugly can stop following my blog right now. I love the idea of denim with denim. Obviously, it needs to be paired with “dressy” accessories. I went with a high black and gold heel that is pretty darn formal and should seemingly never go with ripped denim (but they do, I promise) and of course a McQueen clutch. Now, this isn’t for everyone. It actually takes a serious amount of confidence to go strutting down the street in a Texas tuxedo, but I freakin’ love it.

Look Two: Don’t the neon shorts just explain themselves? I love colorful bottoms and whether it’s the Gap neon boyfriend shorts I’ve been wearing non stop this summer or colored denim, I’m in. Chambray just does something to neon that makes it that much better, and a black and white striped scarf can never be wrong when paired with neon yellow!

Look Three: Last but not least, the maxi skirt. Whenever it’s a really hot, or I’m being lazy about getting dressed, my go to is always a maxi skirt and a sock bun. The good thing about maxi skirts is that you can wear them with a simple v-neck American Apparel tee or a chambray shirt like this and it will still look elevated and purposeful. Most of my maxi’s are high waisted so I would tie up the shirt and belt the skirt with a skinny metallic belt.