Blaze The Trail


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Well hello September, fancy meeting you here! Fall approaching means it’s time to pull out the box in the hall closet labeled “fall”. For me, the time in between sundresses and full blown winter jackets must be filled with many, many blazers. Despite my blazer collection including a lot of different colors, I will always go back to basic black on most days. The shape and texture is what will really differentiate those black blazers in your closet. Here are four blazers I’m loving for fall in different fabrics, textures, and shapes.



Fall Favorites


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Fall is quickly approaching in NYC and so is Fashions Night Out which means there’s a lot of pre-fall shopping to do. Have you planned your night yet? If not, head on over to the website and print out your map… it’s a life saver the night of the events!

I’m a planner, I always have been and always will be; it’s in my blood. Obviously I’ve had visions of a fall wardrobe floating through my head for months now. Filled with cozy jackets and hats and a whole lot of black. I tried very hard this summer to fill my wardrobe with color so now I can’t wait to snuggle back into some of my favorite pieces fit for the crisp fall air. Here are some of my absolute favorites for fall. Obviously many (ahem Helmut Lang coat) of these things are out of reach for many of us including myself, but I’ll certainly be using this as inspiration when I head out shopping next week. What are your must haves for fall? Is there a particular trend you just can’t wait to try?

Fall Favorites

Wisdom For Your Wednesday


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Happy Wednesday! Do you have a long weekend? Today is my Thursday because we have this Friday off and I can’t wait for the weekend. Lately I’m spending a lot of time writing my goals out on paper. Some get crossed off and re-written and many will never be achieved, but I always keep one written down so I don’t forget: “be the best version of yourself”. This illustration by Molly Jacques (who is fantastic) captures just that. Get out there and be a first rate version of yourself today and everyday, because you’ll never get anywhere attempting to follow someone else’s lead.



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I can’t believe how long I’ve been gone. Despite my last very quick post, I’ve been MIA since the beginning of August. Market week just ended and with two weeks with clients and one week of prep I didn’t have many nights that work ended before 10. A lot went on in the past few weeks though. I had the opportunity to take my clients to a few great places including Balthazar, Mercer Kitchen, SoHo Park, 230 Fifth, and of course Magnolia Bakery. Here are some instagram (@glitterandgoldblog) photos of the last couple of weeks.

Notice the new computer? Yesterday I was able to get to the store before catching the train back to Hoboken and grab the computer I’ve had my eye on for a while now. I can’t wait to actually blog on a real computer again. Using my iPad was getting a little bit crazy. Hope to see you guys a lot more in the very near future!

A Chill


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Saturday threw me a curve ball. It was a little chilly in New Jersey at my parent’s house and it got me thinking about fall. It’s right around the corner and I’m so ready to pack away the bathing suits and snuggle into a warm coat. Sorry summer lovers… bring on the chill!




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I have and always will have a love/hate relationship with Lady Gaga. I want to accept her as “avante-garde” but the majority of the time I find myself leaning more towards “insane person”. When I heard she was doing Vogue I cringed, especially because it was for the September issue. When it leaked last night I came to terms with Gaga being a fashion icon. I must admit, it’s pretty fantastic. What do you think? Love it or hate it?

Photos by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Vogue

My Wedding Wednesday


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Wedding Wednesday takes on a new meaning now that I’m engaged. When I look at wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty and Grey Likes Weddings (a new favorite), I can’t help but envision what our day will look like. You can take a look at my n&a board on Pinterest to see what I’m pinning along the way but here is my first wedding inspiration board, crazy huh?




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I went shopping yesterday very quickly after work. I typically don’t step foot in H&M in Manhattan considering it typically involves quite a lot of pushing and waiting. The windows drew me in though and I ended up finding a lot to try on. Now, typically my H&M experience also involves hating 3/4 of what I take into the dressing room but this time I was pleasantly surprised. Let’s just say there is a lot of pattern and a lot of peplum and the fit is exponentially better (most notably that I can actually wear their dresses in public because they fit me length wise). Score!



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When I have the opportunity to be lackadaisical (I much prefer that word over lazy), I take it. In the rare, fleeting moments when I have not one thing to do you can find me lounging on the couch… magazine in hand. I’ve been searching for the very, very basics lately to upgrade my lackadaisical wardrobe from drab to fab (oh how cliché). I’m in the market for cozy tees in white, black and gray, off the shoulder sweaters, and cute knit shorts to lounge around in. What I’ve found is blowing my mind. Who knew lazy days could look so good?

Lazy Days

White Out


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Now that I’m engaged (still weird to say!), I was thinking I should start wearing more white. Our wedding may be far away but I want to feel comfortable in my dress. For someone who sticks to black, gray, and denim (with the occassional neon but I digress) it’s hard to imagine myself wearing pure white or more likely ivory. So obviously I need to get some white peices that I can slowly start working into outfits. I’m loving these as inspiration, and I think this is definately a great place to start on my road to the altar (still weird)!